ABOUT Shane  

The Family:
Shane has two sisters and one brother, all older than Shane. All the Rose kids rode from very young and went to Pony Club. From L to R, Dave, Brandy, Jen, Ally, Chance, and Shane (At Forest Hills Pony Club grounds, 1983).

First Ponies:
Mickey Mouse, 8hh shetland. When Shane could walk, trot, canter and jump Mickey over a cavalletti (no mean feat, as Mickey's preferred activity was to eat) he then got a real pony and joined Pony Club. Shane's first blue ribbon was on Tinker, a 12hh mare.

Duffy's Forest is in the heart of the Ku-ring-gai Chase, so ponies where used to ride to friends houses to watch TV and to get to the shops to get ice creams and lollies. Shane and freinds were known to terrorised the rangers and pleasure riders in the National Park.

Pony Club:
Shane joined Pony Club when he was about 5 and stayed with it through to my 'A' certificate. Shane took part in everything, from mounted games to showjumping and eventing.

photo: Peace Matinee (sporter extraordinaire turned Advanced Eventer)

During Shane's Pony Club days he was selected to the State Eventing Camp with Reggie (Peace Matinee) where Wayne Roycroft was the instructor. I must admit that I only began to enjoy dressage after this experience.
After School:
Shane played with the Warringah Rats' junior rep teams for several years and was not sure whether I should play rugby or horses after school. After spending six months in the UK playing horses. Shane decided to stick with horses. Major Influences:
When Shane was about 8, he was fortunate enough to "hang around" horse greats such as Heath Harris (Horse trainer extraordinaire) and Tony Jablonski (Film World) who were living next door, working on the film The Light Horsemen. With them Shane was introduced to Endurance and stunt riding, both very useful skills for Eventing! On leaving school, Shane spent 6 months with Peter Taylor (NZ, chef d'equipe to the Canadian Eventing team 1996), six months in the UK with Jane Thelwall (now Wallace). Jane is best remembered for winning Burghley and Bramham (twice) with King's Jester.  While in England, Shane went with Denis Pigott (Australian team Bronze medalist, Montreal)and his wife, Vicki, to watch the World Equestrian Games. They left after the Eventing and Shane stayed on to help Tony Jablonski in the support team strapping for the bronze medalist of the Australian Endurance Team at Stockholm.   Survival after school:
On returning to Australia, Shane spent six months with Denis Pigott riding horses and helping around the property before moving home to study Horse Management full time at the Sydney Institute of Technology. When not at college Shane supported himself as an assistant to a builder-handyman, boarded horses, mowed lawns, washed dishes and in his spare time rode Peace Matinee (Reggie) and Satchmo. 


Shane's first horse he produce from scratch was Dudley Serious. It took nearly a year before Shane felt his dressage was good enough to venture out eventing. However, the $600 purchase, Dudley Serious eventually got it right and in 1995 Shane and Dudley represented Australia at the Trans Tasman competition in New Zealand.

The move to Berry:
In 1993, after 20 years in Duffys Forest, the family moved to Berry. Shane helped them relocate the family nursery and then concentrated on setting up an eventing yard.

In 1994, when Shane was 21, he realised his first goal, representing Australia in the Young Rider Trans Tasman competition with Mr Joe Cool. They won both the NZ Young Rider One & Three Day championships and the team won the Young Rider Trans Taman trophy for the first time.

In 1996 Shane was selected on the squad to the Atlanta Olympic Games and went to the States with Mr Joe Cool. Shane was selected #3 and #4 from Australia and had to decide between Dudley and Joe. As Joe was the most "cool" and was more reliable, Joe it was. Unfortunately he went lame over in the States just before the Games but Shane was lucky enough to get some teaching jobs and a commission to set up a cross country course in the lead up to the Games.


In 1998, Shane went to Rome with It's A Knockout (Josh) and rode at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) as a member of the Australian team. This was a mixture of thrill and disappointment. After a really sensational dressage test, Shane had to walk Josh home about 4 jumps before the end of the course. He was exhausted. It turned out he had caught a bacterial infection which cut off his breathing when he got to this point. He later completed the four star at Adelaide with no ill effect.

In 2003, Shane in partnership with Niki Chapman purchased a property in Werombi (1hr south west of Sydney), they named the property 'Bimbadeen Park'.  Together they have set up a racehorse breaking and pre training business along with their performance horse business. In 2006, Shane was selected with All Luck for the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany.  Unfortunately all did not go to plan and Lucky and Shane did not complete the event.  They did however have a successful Burghley CCI**** debut in 2006 and finished in 3rd place at this prestigious competition.

photo: Josh and I about to load for the trip to England and WEG.

In 2008, Shane and Lucky were selected for the Beijing Olympic Games.  Although Lucky did not put his best foot forward in the dressage, he came out all guns blazing for the cross country and clocked up the best cross country round of the day.  Shane and Lucky were members of the Team that won the Silver Medal at the Olympic Games.

New ambition:
Shane has a wonderful team of horses that look to have the ability to be successful on the world stage.  Shane is now working towards the following International Events: 2009: Trans Tasman Adelaide CCI4* 2010: World Equestrian Games - Kentucky USA 2012: Olympic Games - London GBR Top.